Vim Cheatsheet

Escape Mode


  • i Enter insert mode at cursor
  • I Enter insert mode at first non-blank character
  • s Delete character under cursor and enter insert mode
  • S Delete line and begin insert at beginning of same line
  • a Enter insert mode after cursor
  • A Enter insert mode at the end of the line
  • o Enter insert mode on the next line
  • O Enter insert mode on the above line
  • C Delete from cursor to end of line and begin insert

Moving from a to b: Motions

  • h left
  • j down
  • k up
  • l right
  • w Forward to the beginning of next word
  • W Forward to the beginning of next WORD
  • b Backward to the next beginning of the word
  • B Backward to the next beginning of the WORD
  • e Forward to the next end of word
  • E Forward to the next end of WORD
  • gg Go to start of the file
  • Shift-g Go to end of the file
  • 0 Move to the zeroth character fo the line
  • $ Move to the last character of the line
  • ^ Move to first non-blank character of the line
    Note:word is word followed by non white-space. WORD is a word followed by white-space

Slightly less basic: fFtT

All follow [(n)um]<verb><n(o)un> syntax
  • [n]f<o> Forward until (o) (Inclusive)
  • [n]F<o> Backward until (o) (Inclusive)
  • [n]t<o> Forward until (nth) (o) (Exclusive)
  • [n]T<o> Backward until (nth) (o) (Exclusive)


  • / Forward
  • ? Backward
  • * Word under cursor - forward (bounded)
  • g* Word under cursor - forward (unbounded)
  • # Word under cursor - backward (bounded)
  • g# Word under cursor -backward (unbounded)
  • n Next result, forward
  • N Next result, backward
Note: * and g* are very powerfull commands to search for some variable which is under cursor.


  • y Yank. Example: yw (yank word)
  • p paste after cursor
  • P paste before cursor
  • v Visual Selection

Undoing your changes

  • u Undo stuff
  • Ctrl-r Redo stuff

  • Ctrl-E scroll window down
  • Ctrl-Y scroll window up
  • Ctrl-F scroll down one page
  • Ctrl-B scroll up one page
  • H(shift-h) move cursor to the top of the window
  • M(shift-m) move cursor to the middle of the window
  • L(shift-l) move cursor to the bottom of the window
  • gg go to top of the file
  • G go to bottom of the file
  • w move to beginning of next word
  • e move to end of the next word
  • caw change word
  • cw change word from letter cursor is positioned
  • ciw delete word
  • u undo
  • Ctrl-r redo
  • di( delete everything inside paranthesis
  • di[ delete everything inside square brackets
  • diw delete word
  • dt<symbol> delete until symbol
  • df<symbol> delete until and including symbol
  • va<symbol> visually select till the symbol
  • . command repeats previous motion
  • p paste below current line
  • P paste above current line


  • Vundle - plugin manager
  • nerdtree - file drawer
  • ctrlp - fuzzy file finder
  • fugitive - git tool
  • syntastic - syntax checker / linter
  • Bind Caps lock to escape
  • Do vimtutor
  • Watch screencasts
  • Use someone else’s vimrc in the beginning

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