Outside Tmux

  • tmux -u to load tmux with unicode support
  • tmux new -s <session_name> to create named session
  • tmux list-sessions or tmux ls to list sessions
  • tmux attach -t <session_name> or tmux a -t <session_name> to reattach to a session
  • tmux kill-session -t <session_name> to kill sessions

Inside Tmux

  • Ctrl+b c to create new window
  • Ctrl+b , to rename window
  • Ctrl+b p to switch to previous window
  • Ctrl+b n to switch to next window
  • Ctrl+b w to list windows
  • Ctrl+b & to kill a window
  • Ctrl+b % to split panes vertically
  • Ctrl+b : "split-window" or Ctrl+b " to split horizontally
  • Ctrl+b : "break-pane" or Ctrl+b + to make a pane its own window
  • Ctrl+b d to detach from a session
  • Ctrl+b o to switch to next pane
  • Ctrl+b q to Show pane numbers (when the numbers show up type the key to go to that pane)
  • Ctrl+b { to move current pane to right
  • Ctrl+b } to move current pane to left
  • Ctrl+b z to zoom a pane
  • Ctrl+b : is used to give named commands
  • Ctrl+b ? to list bindings

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